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Civil aeronautics

ASR-2000 S band Primary Radar, solid state, Terminal Area 60/80 miles Technical specifications
MSSR-2000 Secondary Monopulse Radar 255 miles
Technical specifications
ASR-100 X Band Gap Filler 40 miles Technical specifications
ASR-300 L Band Long Range on Route and Strategic Surveillance 200 miles Technical specifications


Primary Radar ATC surveillance, S band, Terminal Maneuvering Area, Range 60 / 80 mn, Dual Channel. Multi Module solid state transmitter with Graceful Degradation and Dual Redundant Receivers. 8/16/32 KW Options. Digital Pulse Compression and AMTD. Weather Channel Options

Combined Primary and Secondary Radar. Latest generation technology. High performance in the most complex variety of terrains. Highly Cost Effective. Remote monitor, control and operation and Network options. Meets OACI ATC specification.

Technical specifications

Instrumented Range >60 nm
Vertical beam shape Cosec
Low beam gain 34 dB
High beam gain 32 dB
Horizontal beam width 1,5
Rotation speed 15 rpm
Polarization Vertical/Circular
Side lobes -28 dB
Transmitter peak
8/16 KW
Operation frequency 2.7 a 2.9 GHz
Max Duty Cycle 11%
Operational Duty Cycle 6%
Transmitted pulses 0.8 S / 60 S
Repeated pulse frequency 1000 pps
Type Digital Synthesized
Tuning precision <1KHz
Tuning speed 50 S max
Type Double Superheterodyne
Noise figure <1 dB
FI amplifier linear and longitudinal
Pulse compression ratio
18.75 dB
Compressed pulse width 0,8 Mhus
Dynamic linear range >65 dB
STC coverage 0-80 mn
Signals processor
Adaptive processing
Detection maps
Weather & MTI filters
Beam switch Automatic
Improvement factor >60dB
Radar data processor
False alarm probability 10-6 a 10-12
Tracking filter
Tracks/scan 1.000
Detection criteria Adjustable by Zone
Radar control
Minimum distance 0,25 nm
Precision 60 m/0,12
Resolution 210m/2,3
Range cells 1/16 nm
Sub clutter visibility 57 dB
Pd. 1m2 Swerling >80% a 60 nm
Testing equipment BITE
Radar control Local/Remote

System architecture and design using the most modern COTS equipment (Commercial Off The Shelf) with latest generation technology, international quality, high performance and availability.
Totally modular construction with the integration functional modules in separate physical units. Easy training and maintenance and low logistic cost during its functional life time.

Primary and secondary radars are installed in the same shelter, including auxiliary equipment.
LVA antenna co-mounted with the primary radar
Transportable and fixed installations

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