Defence radars
Civil Aeronautical
Coastal Surveillance

Automatic Coastal Surveillance Station

Automatic Coastal Surveillance
Maritime Traffic Control
Unmanned Operation
Remote Control


•Radar detection and tracking. Position, Course and Speed.
• Control areas. Different sizes and shapes
• Intruder Automatic Alarm for selected areas
• Predefined events and actions: sound alarms, send photos, mail messages
• Pan & Tilt TV remote control.
• Meteorological Data Serial Interface
• Display graphic facilities analysis, with date and time references.
• Contact E-mail messages & photos sent automatically.
• Detection criteria adjustable according to different situations

• English and Spanish console language available

Design and technology
• Open architecture
• Radar performance improvement
• Advanced digital technology on adaptive signal processors. Automatic digital mapping
• Auto adjustment of radar parameters.
• LSI Electronics. COTS.
• Unmanned operation
• Pass worded remote access to maintenance system over the Internet.

• Networking capabilities

• Pulse length Multiplexing for optimum target discrimination and detection

MSR-2000 System Visualization
• Automatic Radar target acquisition.
• Tracking unlimited simultaneous contacts
• Kalman Filter Tracking
• Digitized or Electronic chart, and PPI (0 – 360).
• Guard zone alarm design on display
• Port Arrival and Departure Channel graphics
• Navigation routes
• Approximation zone to anchoring point
• Decentralized and zoom display.
• Vessel identification
• Programmed radar transmission time and standby
• Automatic CCD-TV image managing
• Arrival and Departure alarms in selected areas.
• Unauthorized departure alarms.
• Boat proximity alarms
• Anti Collision Alarm
• Alarm status control
• Sound alarm generator
• Remote system operation
• Meteorological data display
• Automatic Radar Adjustment

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