TV cable equipment for Network Control

Radio frequency sensors
for technical control in Cable TV networks
Active RF instrument to detect illegal connection to Cable TV systems. Allows auditing of apartment building networks without entering subscribers premises. High gain helical antenna provide exceptional detection and precision. Proven performance with over 98% accuracy.

Easy operator training. Battery Operated. Portable and easily connected to building junction boxes and primary taps.

Technical capabilities

• Identifies illegal connections to cable TV nets in buildings.
• Technical auditing of net quality
• Signal leak detection
• Verification of connected and not connected subscribers in the building
• Correspondence between cables ID’s and departments
• Exterior readings
• Actualize information

TvTx Technical specifications
• Portable FM transmitter, with 2 prefixed tones
• 2 frequency channels, and different tones
• Dimensions 20x12x6.5cm
• 24 VDC Electrical supply
• It operates with 2 12 VDC rechargeable batteries, 1,2 Ah.

TVRX Technical specifications
• RF portable receptor
• Aluminum Helicoidal aerial, 60cm. Length
• Tuning Controls for the tuning and revenue
• Volume control and for the operator headphones
• Dimensions: 20X20X13 cm
• 24 VDC electrical supply
• Operates with 2 12 VDC rechargeable batteries, 1,2 Ah


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